A leading figure in the fields of computational science and supercomputing, Hamid Arabnia currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Supercomputing, Co-Editor of The Journal of Computational Science, and Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Georgia (UGA). With more than three decades of relevant experience, Dr. Arabnia began to set the stage for his career while an undergraduate at the Polytechnic of Wales (now the University of Glamorgan). During this period, Hamid Arabnia pursued studies in Computer Science and enriched his course curriculum through fieldwork as an Analyst Programmer for the System Replacement Group of the Department of Transport in Swansea.

Graduating with his Bachelor of Science (Honors II(i)) in 1983, Dr. Arabnia subsequently enrolled at the University of Kent, where he continued his studies in computer science over the next four years. Following receipt of his Ph.D., Hamid Arabnia spent a brief period consulting for London-based Caplin Cybernetics Corporation before moving to the United States in late 1987. Since then, Dr. Arabnia has been a Professor of Computer Science at The University of Georgia (USA). Through a number of important professional activities, Dr. Arabnia has played a key role in promoting multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research initiatives. As the coordinator and chair of a number of scientific committees and associations, he has provided and facilitated increased opportunities to the research community for cross-fertilization across a number of important sub-disciplines in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Over the years, Hamid Arabnia has earned widespread recognition within and apart from the computer science and engineering community for his work, receiving numerous awards and grants in the process. Elected as Fellow of The International Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine in 2009 (for his work in HPC), Dr. Arabnia has also won the Johns Hopkins National Search for Computing to Assist Persons with Disabilities Competition, The Outstanding Leadership Award from FTRAI, two Outstanding Achievement Awards from IEEE BIBE, and a number of Distinguished Service Awards from various organizations. To read more about Hamid Arabnia and his work, please visit his UGA faculty page at http://www.cs.uga.edu/~hra.


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